Max the Cat, 3 Months, Lands a Mega Deal for 81 Books

A cat that lives in my neighborhood, aged 3 months, has won a multi-book deal worth almost 20 dollars.

I write in the wee hours of the morning, getting out of bed before sunrise to eek out a few words before heading into the day job. Imagine my frustration when a neighborhood cat, named Max, discovered that I’m the only one around who’s up at this hour. A few loud meows outside the window of my home office, and he’s lonely no more. Why write when you can go outside, in the dark no less, to play with the neighbor’s cat?

One day I took my laptop with me only to discover something phenomenal. Max is a writer too. After a cup of black coffee, he’s a total keyboard hog. Watching his little paws fly over the keys is truly an inspiration. That kitty can write circles around me!

Once I realized his talent, I shared his WIP (work in progress) with an agent I met at a local writer’s conference. Well, not at the conference itself but in the parking garage. He promptly sold the book to Illustory Press as part of an 81 book deal, 9 books for each of Max’s lives.

Max the Cat’s first book Me & The Squirrel will soon hit at least one bookshelf.

From the Mount Baker neighborhood, this cool cat couldn’t be more thrilled. After I informed him of his mega deal, Max proceeded to thoroughly clean himself, then drink more coffee. Finally, he typed this response to the acclaim: “Writing makes me very, very happy. It’s so interesting. I like writing about squirrels. And birds. And people, since they all bother me so much. I would like to be more famous than the GalleyCat–even more famous than Publishers Weekly and the Mirror.”

Max is following in the paw steps of the immensely talented 6 year old whose story is best told on Writer Beware. I couldn’t be more proud of him.


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