2010 Webby Awards

The winners of this year’s Webby Awards were announced yesterday, May 4. The full list of nominees in nearly 70 categories is downright amazing, ranging from sites backed by mega corporations, through those bankrolled by celebrities, and then on down to those managed by one lone individual who probably doesn’t even scratching a living out of it.

With over 300 nominees on the page, there’s something there for everyone–fascinating browsing. I haven’t checked out the full list, but here’s a few picks worth a visit:

The Poppe Shoppe: This won in the Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics. I can’t quite figure out if it is or isn’t an ad, but in the end kind of don’t care. Scrolling up and down and clicking away causes the site to take on a life of its own, though it does get old kind of quick.

One in 8 Million: This site from the New York Times was a nominee in the Best Use of Photography category. I love how this seemingly stalwart paper has so thoroughly embraced online media. If they can do it, book publishers can too. It’s impossible to imagine this experience–crisp black and white photography notwithstanding–as anything other than a website.

Jim Carrey: Official Site: This won both the Webby and the People’s Voice awards in the Celebrity/Fan category. It’s a tad strange, but super cool. I’m not quite sure if it actually communicates anything other than how weird it is, but definitely an amazing site. Can I get me one of them Twitter birds?

Clouds 365 Project: This was a nominee in the Personal Blog/Website category. It’s a simple idea: one picture of clouds per day for an entire year. I love sites like this with clear concepts that are elegantly executed. All around, it’s an enticing site that makes May in Seattle (shouldn’t it be spring already?) not quite so lonely.

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich: This won in the Weird category. Not quite so simple a concept, but yup, exactly what it says it is. Had me laughing out loud. How does Mr. Selleck stay so slim with all them sandwiches around? Make sure you play the audio clip on the first page, it sums the site up nicely.


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